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Legal Secretary Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter for the position of a legal secretary is easy if you know what the job entails and have the necessary qualities and qualifications required. In this article, we'll give you some pointers on how to go about it.

A legal secretary is a person who is the secretary to an attorney. He is the person who takes care that everything goes on well behind the scenes, to make sure that nothing goes amiss in court. The basic job description of a legal secretary includes assisting the attorney in various jobs like creating legal documents, contracts, etc. It also entails the preparation for depositions, maintenance of all case related documents, reading and proofreading all the documents that leave the office of the attorney, making sure that all documents are in order for the case, maintenance of records during and after the case is over. It also includes taking notes during meetings and making files of every case that the attorney takes up. So, if you think you have it in you to do all this, plus you have the necessary qualifications, some good experience to back it up, and a good job offer that you've chanced upon, then you need to impress the attorney with a good cover letter along with your resume. And that's exactly what this Buzzle article will help you write.

Steps to Write a Legal Secretary Cover Letter

In this section, we'll help you with some of the most practical tips that you need to know and understand, before you write the cover letter. They're simple, mostly common sense and you probably are already aware of them. Just a little brushing up is all you'll need.
1. The first thing that you need to keep in mind while writing the cover letter is that it is this letter that will play an important role in you getting the job. So make sure that you know exactly what you want to include in it and what you're willing to pass.
2. Alright, now let's begin. A legal secretary requires exceptional communication skills because he is required to be in touch with clients for meetings, appointments, etc. This will reflect in the way you write your cover letter. So make sure the language you use is simple, to the point and not over flowery. Remember, the position you're applying for is an attorney's assistant. He'll see right through any phony claims that you make.
3. Know whom you're addressing the letter to. Mention where you heard of the availability of the position and state that you're interested in the job.
4. Now, the next step is to simply give the person a tour of your resume, but without actually mentioning every tiny detail. Just state the important highlights like any relevant experience that you have, any extra skills that you possess (pertaining to the job) and your achievements in a very brief manner.
5. State that you are interested in the position and also mention how early you can join.
6. Thank the person for taking the time to go through your letter and once again mention your interest, along with your contact details, if you need to be contacted.
7. End with a thank you and the appropriate salutation.
Legal Secretary Cover Letter Sample

To help you better understand how to incorporate the above given points into the cover letter, we have furnished you with an example of a cover letter for the position of a legal secretary. Go through it and you'll get an idea about how to go about writing one for yourself.
(Name of Addressee)
(Address of Addressee)
(Date of Letter)

Dear Mr. __________________,

My name is ( _________ ). I came across your advertisement regarding the opening for a legal secretary at your firm, in the (name of newspaper, or wherever you read the ad) and found it appealing. I am a graduate in (state your undergraduate degree if you have one) and am quite keen on entering the legal domain. I have a diploma in (state any special diploma pertaining to the job requirement that you hold) and have previously worked with a law firm (state name of law firm) in (state place).

My job at (state name of firm) was that of a legal secretary as well as an administration executive. So, I can say with confidence that I am well versed with the intricacies involved in administration and legal documentation that the position of a legal secretary demands, details of which have been given in my resume attached herewith.

I have been lauded for my perfectionist attitude and can provide you with names of previous colleagues and superiors who can vouch for it. If chosen for this position, I am available to join at the earliest possible. Given below are my contact details. Please feel free to contact me for any queries or clarifications regarding anything within this letter or my resume.

Thank you for taking the time to go through my profile. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

(Your Name)
(Your Address)
(Contact Number)

Encl: Resume

As we mentioned, writing a cover letter is very easy as long as you know that you can handle all the duties and responsibilities that it involves. So, take these pointers seriously and be confident while writing your cover letter. Don't make spelling mistakes, proofread your letter before sending it and use good quality stationery to print the letter. Just a little extra care can take you mile ahead of the competition.

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