Wednesday, October 10, 2012

U.s. Soldier Bowe Bergdahl, A Taliban Captive, Observed On Brand New Video

Bow Bergdahl of Hailey, Idaho, was captured in Afghanistan by the Taliban in June 2009 while serving within the U.S. Military. Since then his exact whereabouts are unknown. But he was observed briefly in a Taliban video that surfaced recently. Bergdahl's captors had threatened to eliminate him right after his capture, however a previous Taliban captive believes the Military private is safe. The Taliban won't allow someone to take out an payday loan to buy Bergdahl's freedom either..
sixteen months back Bowe Bergdahl caught
Bowe Bergdahl appears in the most recent Taliban video clean shaven and evidently suffering from a beating. The appearance of Bergdahl within the Taliban video makes it seem as if the video was taken soon after he was taken. Experts believe it was close to sixteen months ago. The video released Wednesday is the fourth Taliban video clip Bowe Bergdahl has appeared in since he was captured in eastern Afghanistan. Other videos show him with facial hair. A longer beard is in some. In the 45 minute video that has clips of militant attacks and a senior Taliban commander called Jalaluddin Haqqani giving a speech, the U.S. solider appears and is expected to be the only United States soldier the Taliban is holding hostage.
Possibility of Bergdahl assisting Taliban
A Taliban video showed Bowe Bergdahl in it in April. He was begging for release and denouncing the Afghanistan war. It was said within the Sunday Times in August that Bowe Bergdahl was converted to Islam and learned how to convert a cell phone into a remote detonator for a roadside bomb. This is what one of the designed Bowe Bergdahl captors said. Supposedly the Afghan intelligence officials cooperated with the Taliban then. Bowe Bergdahl did too. The Taliban supposedly already knew the data given from Bowe Bergdahl. The captor said the American was just attempting to stay still living by pretending to be a Muslim.
Values used by Bowe Bergdahl to keep alive
A journalist explained that Bowe Bergdahl is safe. This was after the journalist was, in 2008, captured by the Taliban. In an interview with Idaho Public Television, Jere Van Dyk said he didn't believe the Taliban would harm him. Van Dyk was released by the Taliban after being kidnapped and held 45 days. He said the Taliban would try to brainwash Bergdahl and pressure him to become a Muslim. He is a propaganda tool though. He is nevertheless alive for this reason. By letting him live, Van Dyk said, the Taliban are demonstrating that they have changed their ways and no longer behead their captors to terrorize their enemies.
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